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Call To Battle

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Ellis was first introduced to music by his mother who often allowed him to sit in on her recording sessions in various music studios at the age of five. His mother not only inspired her son to sing but also supported him throughout his many performances as a young child. At the age of 13, Ellis was presented with his first trumpet while under the direction of middle school band teacher, Mr. Russell Pittman. As his fascination for the music industry grew, the young musician began to take private lessons from famed trumpeter and studio musician, Mr. Melton Mustafa. Ellis has also had the privilege to study under the guidance of Edward’s artist, Dr. Timmey Zachery.

To receive the very best knowledge of the music industry, Ellis attended Norfolk State University for his Bachelors of Music Media in 2011 and Full Sail University for a Masters in Business Entertainment in 2014. After receiving his degrees, the up and coming songwriter made the full commitment to independent music and began recording. Ellis released his debut album "Euphoria" in 2014 creating quite a buzz for himself while expanding his fan base across the east coast. Today, Ellis is traveling the world as an entertainer for Carnival Cruise Lines and is expected to drop his second album, "Call To Battle" in early 2016.


Photographer: Broxtan Photography

Musician: Ellis Williams


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The All From One Experience 



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by Ellis Williams

The genres of Jazz, R&B, Salsa, Bossa Nova, Hip Hop, and Gospel collide to create a distinctive sound to ignite your imagination. If you are looking for a musical escape then free your mind and allow this album to take you on a joyride of excitement.

Released: March 2014

Mastered and produced in Fort Lauderdale, Florida



Call To Battle

by Ellis Williams

Call To Battle is the sophomore album of trumpeter/vocalist Ellis Williams.  Call To Battle is the opportunity for fans to reach the artist on a more personal and intimate level. Ellis expresses his deepest and darkest emotions throughout this album while still achieving his signature sound that is raw and exciting!  




Released: January 2016

Mastered and produced in Nashville, Tennesee