Major Fain Embodies Ellis Williams' "This Is The Call"

There are times in an artist's career where he/she gets to witness one of their pieces come to life. Some will be fortunate enough to pay for visual affects like a music video or another kind of visual but it is rare when life truly imitates art. I mean, isn't the point of creating music to inspire others?  

            Jerry and his wife Kisha

           Jerry and his wife Kisha

Jerry Fain aka Major Fain is a long time friend who's recent testimony embodies the message of "This Is The Call" from the Call to Battle album.   Fain showed an incredible amount of determination, patience, and drive to successfully come back from a tragedy that would have left most people crippled both mentally and physically.  Follow his story by watching the video which features "This Is The Call" below.

There are stories like Major Fain's that reminds us artists of why we write in the first place, to inspire and connect.  Fain recently shared his story at the First Shiloh Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia where he moved others to tears of joy and inspiration.  It is an honor to be acquainted with this man and I wish him and his family the very best on their journey.  Follow his page, Autonomy Fitness, for health tips and daily fitness inspiration.  Call to Battle is available at all music retailers.

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